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What is adventure gold?
The native token of the NFT project is Adventure Gold. Loot is a text-based, randomized adventure gear created and stored on-chain. There is no front-end interface, images, statistics or function in the project. It is based on a set of 8,000 text-based NFTs that the community can interpret. There are texts of gears in the NFTs, ranging from the "Holy Greaves of Giants" to the "Grim Shout."
Each owner of a Loot NFT could claim 10,000 token for free when Adventure Gold was launched. It was worth as much as $70,000 per NFT when the price of AGLD was high.

Who are the founding members of Adventure Gold?
Will Papper is the founder of Adventure Gold, he is also the co- founder of Syndicate DAO. Since the pre-sale of ether, Papper has owned it. Adventure Gold was created as a response to Vitalik Buterin endorsing the project and encouraging others to build upon it. The majority of the code was written in four hours at a small airport in Oregon.

What makes adventure gold unique?
The community building on top of Loot as a form of endorsement is what Adventure Gold follows.
A multisig group consisting of Papper and other community members who love Loot can execute contractual permission, such as minting decisions and other governance proposals.

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How many adventure gold coins are in circulation?
There is a total supply of 75.3 million AGLD. Each of the 8,000 initial Loot NFTs received 10,000 AGLD as a gift, with the remaining supply being released on the open market.

The Adventure Gold Network is secured.
Adventure Gold is a token.
The go-to solution for many open source projects, like Loot and Adventure Gold, is the ethereum. The token standard followed by most of the token on the platform is called ERC-20. The proof-of-work mechanism requires miners to mine new ether.

When will adventure gold trading begin?
The trading of Adventure Gold began on September 3, 2021.

Where can you buy adventure gold?

Is it a new person?