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What is ABBC Coin (ABBC)?

ABBC Coin (ABBC), formerly known as Alibabacoin , is a cryptocurrency developed on an open source blockchain platform created by the Alibabacoin Foundation, a company headquartered in Dubai, UAE, and Minsk, Belarus.

The ABBC project was created with the aim of further developing the cryptocurrency sector, creating a unique ecosystem of many areas, such as education, e-shopping, e-payments, for everyone who uses this platform.

The goal of the Alibabacoin Foundation is to provide its customers with an innovative, secure and simple technological approach to the cryptocurrency market. With this project, people will be assured that their personal information is confidential when they participate in the ABBC Coin ecosystem. Using the ABBC Coin wallet will give people the opportunity to trade products in this ecosystem.

The ABBC coin is a Utilily token in the ABBC project's Blockchian network, and works in the project's main network, being the platform's own coin.

Who created ABBC Coin?

ABBC Coin was launched in 2017 and is led by a team of experts with extensive experience in blockchain and other areas. The founders of the project are:

Jason Daniel Paul Philip, Founder and CEO. He has more than 8 years of experience as a developer, technology entrepreneur, and developer of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and ICO technology.

Abbas, the technical director of ABBC, has died. He has more than 12 years of C # development experience, along with many other members of the blockchain Technology, mobile app, Finance, and marketing departments.

What is unique about ABBC?

The highlight of the ABBC coin is an ecosystem with many types of products in different fields, including several outstanding products:

  • Mall: As described by ABBC, this mall integrates all the leading e-commerce platforms into the mall and apply payment methods to ABBC coins.
  • Face Recognition: Allows users to make payments and make purchases using the face recognition protection layer.
  • Education: ABBC Coin will be an innovative e-learning platform covering many topics, including finance, trading, stock exchange, cryptocurrencies, financial analysis, and asset management. ABBC Coin's mission is to provide them with the guidance and education they need to gain financial knowledge.

How many ABBC tokens (ABBC) are in circulation?

The ABBC token is the official electronic currency of the ABBC ecosystem. With a maximum supply of 1,500,000,000 tokens, 1,260,361,381 ABBC tokens are currently in circulation. 

As the metrics show, the value of the token today is 0.08189420 USD, and the 24-hour trading volume is 19,787,855 USD.

How is the ABBC Coin (ABBC) network protected?

Since ABBC Coin uses the EOSIO DPoS consensus algorithm to protect its network, this allows us to verify transactions muchfaster and more efficiently.