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What is Aavegotchi?
The eco-governance token of the Aavegotchi NFT Gaming protocol is Aavegotchi.
Aavegotchis are backed by the token standard. The Aavegotchi NFTs have changed over time. The value of an Aavegotchi is determined by three factors.
Aavegotchi's have a spirit force that contributes to their value. The Aave protocol is required to bring an Aavegotchi to life.
Aavegotchi is a nod to Aave, which means ghost in Finn.
Aave invested in Pixelcraft Studios in November of 2020. The project's mainnet launch was pushed back to March of 2021.
Who are the founding fathers of Aavegotchi?
The team behind the NFT Gaming Protocol has a lot of experience. Coder Dan is the chief executive officer.
Johnson is the COO of the game studio behind the protocol and the creator of Bullionix, the first gold-backed NFT collectibles.
Other members of the team are handling critical roles.
How does Aavegotchi work?
Each Aavegotchi NFT has a balance of yield generating token from the Aave Protocol.
Aavegotchis have a minimum amount of spirit force that is defined by their rarity score. Ten Aavegotchis are created when you open a portal. Only one of the ten Aavegotchis can be summoned, while the other nine are gone forever.
An Aavegotchi's performance in the Gotchiverse game is influenced by their trait. You have to stake the required type of spirit force in order to summon an Aavegotchi. Each Aavegotchi has a fixed minimum stake in Spirit Force. There is no upper limit for each NFT.
What makes Aavegotchi unique?
Aavegotchi has pioneered a number of developments. The protocol has distributed millions of rewards through its original play-to-earn mechanism known as Rarity Farming.
Aavegotchi's flagship game, the Gotchiverse, has been live for over a year. Within the Gotchiverse, players use their Aavegotchi NFTs as web3 avatars to explore, build, battle, earn, and socialize. The Gotchus Alchemica: FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, and KEK were introduced by the Gotchiverse fair-launch playdrop. The four elements of the Gotchiverse are used to craft and upgrade Installation NFTs placed on a player's Gotchiverse land parcel. A fifth token called GLTR was created to reward Alchemica providers.
Gotchi Lending is an innovation developed by the protocol. Gotchi Lending is Aavegotchi's improvement on the traditional scholarship model. The risk of human error is zero with Gotchi Lending. It allows players to lend their Aavegotchi NFTs without fear.
In February of 2022, Aavegotchi became the first NFT Gaming protocol to have their eco-governance token available as collateral.
One of the few truly DAO owned protocols is the Aavegotchi Protocol.
How many Aavegotchi are in circulation?
The token does not have a maximum supply. Bonding curves are an automated market maker and provide an always available source of liquidity. The bonding curve has a reserve pool and users can interact with it. The user's token is minted by the bonding curve when they do so. The bonding curve has a reserve pool where the newly minted token can be exchanged back and forth.
The first two rounds had different amounts. The private round involved 5 million token.
The lock on the vesting period for the private and pre-sale rounds has been unlocked.
How is the Aavegotchi Protocol secured?
The project is secured by a proof-of-stake mechanism. Validators on the network will receive MATIC token in return for becoming part of the network's PoS consensus mechanism. Blocks are used at the block producer layer to achieve a higher degree of decentralization. The Aavegotchi smart contracts are open source to ensure individual access and review for any errors.
Where can you buy aavegotchi?
Major exchanges list the protocol's native token. There are many centralized platforms with different token combinations. It is also available on other exchanges.