Buy BTC for 2990000 RUB
using Tinkoff, Sberbank, VTB Bank, Alfa-Bank, RosBank, Gazprombank

User sandy sells BTC with a limit of 2000.0000 - 0.9269 RUB

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BTT Token payment

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Tinkoff, Sberbank, VTB Bank, Alfa-Bank, RosBank, Gazprombank
The user is verified.
Attention!!! Do not send funds before accepting the transaction or if the transaction is canceled for any reason. Do not confirm the transaction until you are sure that the funds have been received.
The transaction will be canceled automatically if the user does not accept it within 10 minutes.
The system automatically deposits funds only after the second party accepts the transaction.


Where to store BTT tokens?

Until the end of the tokensale, the tokens you purchased will be stored on your personal account. After completion, the funds will be transferred to the ERC-20 compatible wallet you specified.

Can the user be trusted or not

Our service uses a rating and feedback system for users who have made there are also statistics on the number of transactions and the total amount of transactions based on these values you can make the right choice in favor of a trusted user.

How is account security ensured?

Various algorithms will be used to protect the user's account, including: 1. Two-factor authentication (using google 2fa or notifications with a secret code in telegram) 2. Mandatory confirmation of all withdrawal actions by means of an e-mail message. 3. Special system for analyzing account behavioral factors (comparison of login IP addresses and analysis of actions on the account) 4. Administration of account actions by a special security department. Also, each account initially has restrictions on the transaction amount, which can be removed by passing the AML verification procedure.

How does the deal with the user work

At the time of the transaction, the cryptocurrency is deposited by the BIT.TEAM service, the user purchasing the cryptocurrency makes a transfer to the seller's details and after the seller confirms receipt of funds, the cryptocurrency is released from the Deposit and transferred to the buyer's balance.

What should I do if I paid and the seller doesn't confirm the transaction

In such cases, arbitration is opened and the administration of our Bank is involved in the transaction process. For example, you should attach screenshots of the transfer of funds to the merchant's details and briefly explain the problem in the message text.

Exchange RUB on BTC with a price 2990000 RUB.
User sandy in advertisement DAegvPK3g exchanges BTC on RUB with limits 2000.0000 - 0.9269 RUB.
As a payment systems you can use Tinkoff, Sberbank, VTB Bank, Alfa-Bank, RosBank, Gazprombank.