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Listing rules

Company number 12217300
85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, London
England, W1W 7LT

Listing note:

1. BIT TEAM is a multi-currency P2P platform that provides services for buying / selling cryptocurrencies (for example, bitcoins), with the ability to automate the process of buying / selling digital assets and acting as a guarantor of transaction security.

2. BIT TEAM GROUP LTD is not responsible for the legitimacy of the distribution of digital assets. The company is not responsible for the functioning of the systems that support the operation of digital assets available in BITTEAM and does not audit digital assets.

Auditing digital assets is the responsibility of digital asset issuers. BIT TEAM GROUP LTD is guided by the information provided by the issuers of digital assets, guaranteeing the accuracy of the information provided.

The digital asset development (issuer) team is fully responsible for all illegal activities such as illegal fundraising, pyramid schemes, money laundering, gambling, drug distribution, fraud, etc. in front of us, as well as in front of Users (holders) of digital assets

3. Teams of developers (issuers) of digital assets must take preventive measures to prevent a market crash. Otherwise, we have the right to terminate cooperation at any time.

4. Digital asset development teams are required to disclose information about digital assets in a timely manner.

5. BIT TEAM GROUP LTD will carry out the delisting procedure and remove the digital asset (cryptocurrency, tokens) from the list, including if: the disbandment of the team prevents mining, there are any risks (legal, technical and any other nature) otherwise negatively affects the operation of the software provision.


Terms and Definitions

The terms given in this section have the following meaning only for these Rules and cannot be interpreted otherwise in relation to the conditions set forth in these Rules.

BIT TEAM is a multi-currency P2P platform that provides services for buying / selling cryptocurrencies (for example, bitcoins), with the ability to automate the process of buying / selling digital assets and acting as a guarantor of transaction security.

Listing – inclusion of digital assets in the list of digital assets available for transactions on the BIT TEAM platform.

Delisting – exclusion of digital assets from the list of digital assets available for transactions on the BIT TEAM platform.

Digital Assets (also a product) –it is a digital representation of value, which means "cryptocurrency", "virtual currency", "digital currency" for example, bitcoin, ether, or a prism that is based on a cryptographic protocol of a computer network, can be centralized or decentralized, closed or open source and be used as a medium of exchange and / or storage of value.

Applicant (digital asset issuer) – an individual or legal entity applying for a listing of digital assets and is responsible for the creation and operation of these digital assets in a distributed ledger (blockchain).

1. General Conditions for Listing Digital Assets.

1.1. BIT TEAM GROUP LTD operates the BIT TEAM website and mobile application.

1.2 BIT TEAM GROUP LTD may reject an application for listing if it considers that the applicant's situation is such that the listing of a product could harm the orderly operation of the Program and / or the integrity or reputation of the Company, or that the applicant does not comply and / or will not comply with these Listing Rules or any special conditions imposed on the applicant by BIT TEAM GROUP LTD. In addition, BIT TEAM GROUP LTD may reject an application that does not comply with the listing principles published on its website, as well as an application from an issuer whose activities fall within any of the following categories:


2.alcohol and drugs

3.tobacco products

4. firearms

5.political advertising

6. gambling

1.3 The Issuer must designate a Contact Person within its organization who will be responsible for liaison between BIT TEAM and the Issuer, and BIT TEAM must be notified in writing of any subsequent changes. The Issuer will be responsible for all actions and communications with BIT TEAM performed on its behalf by the designated representative. The contact person must be fully aware of the obligations of the issuer under these Listing Rules and will be either a director or a senior officer of the issuer capable of acting as a contact person. Details of the issuer's contact person and any designated representative must be provided to BIT TEAM at the time of application for admission to listing, and BIT TEAM GROUP LTD must be notified in writing of any subsequent changes.

1.4. The Issuer must ensure that all information provided in connection with the listing application is in all respects accurate, complete and not misleading. The Issuer must be open, honest and willing to cooperate in all relations with BIT TEAM. A change in the name or other information concerning the issuer must be notified as soon as possible.

Issuers must promptly provide BIT TEAM with any information or clarifications that BIT TEAM may reasonably require to verify that these Listing Rules are being followed or that relate to the integrity or orderly operation of the Program.

The Issuer must reaffirm compliance with these Listing Rules through internal audit on an annual basis.

1.5 BIT TEAM may charge an entry fee (listing fees) in the amount determined by agreement of the parties.

1.6 An application for listing must be submitted by the issuer to BIT TEAM in writing.

1.7 An application for listing must contain a description of the product (digital asset) in accordance with the rules set out in this document and on our website.

1.8 Prior to the planned listing date, the issuer must submit a duly signed declaration that:

• the information specified in the application is complete and complies with these Listing Rules;

• the issuer has read and accepted these Listing Rules and that it recognizes them expressly in the form of a statement of consent;

• the issuer pays the entrance fee.

1.9 The approval or rejection of a listing application remains at the discretion of BIT TEAM. Approval may be subject to additional requirements and / or conditions. The listing is not a value judgment about a product or about an issuer. BIT TEAM's decision will be communicated by email.

2. Cancellation of Listing. Delisting.

2.1 BIT TEAM may, at its sole discretion, carry out the procedure for the delisting of the issuer's digital assets or suspend the Users' access to the issuer's products, as well as suspend access and conduct the delisting procedure at the issuer's request or on its own initiative, if unusual circumstances, in particular, the issuer's breach of information disclosure obligations, indicate the advisability of such a suspension.

2.2 The Issuer must continue to comply with these Listing Rules even if the admission of its products to trading is suspended, unless BIT TEAM agrees otherwise.

2.3 In urgent cases (for example, the issuer's digital assets are associated with illegal activities), BIT TEAM may immediately cancel the listing.

3. Grace period

BIT TEAM may provide the applicant with a "grace period" of up to 7 days during which the issuer will be able to provide (additional) information and documents on the basis of which BIT TEAM can assess whether the issuer and the product comply with its rules and standards. If, during the "grace period", BIT TEAM determines that the issuer and / or product does not meet the requirements, the listing will be canceled without a refund of the listing fee.

4. Delisting

4.1 BIT TEAM may carry out the delisting procedure in the following cases:

1. After a reasoned statement by the issuer, according to which BIT TEAM should take into account the interests of the Users. BIT TEAM may opt-out subject to proper notice and appropriate waiting periods. In any case, a duly signed declaration by the issuer of the consent of its responsible authorities to delisting must be submitted;

2. If the issuer's solvency is in serious doubt or insolvency or liquidation proceedings have already begun, then digital assets will be removed from the list no later than the moment when their liquidity is no longer guaranteed;

3. If BIT TEAM considers that there is no longer a sufficiently liquid market for the respective products;

4. If the listing has been suspended for a continuous three-month period and the reasons for the suspension continue to exist;

5.if the listing requirements are not met

4.2 An Issuer wishing to delist its product must inform BIT TEAM by e-mail no later than 20 business days before the date of delisting. The Issuer is also required to announce the alleged delisting of any of its products on its website. BIT TEAM will announce the delisting of the issuer's products on its own website. Delisting at the request of the issuer in accordance with this regulation will only be effective if the issuer complies with any legal or regulatory obligation and provides BIT TEAM with appropriate confirmation.

4.3 The detailed de-listing requirements may be further described in the de-listing rules, which will be available upon request.

2. Listing Requirements

To be eligible for listing, the following criteria must be met, unless BIT TEAM agrees otherwise:

1. Requirements for the issuer

1.1 The institution, articles of association or partnership agreement of the issuer must comply with the national laws to which the issuer is subject.

1.2 The Issuer is obliged to disclose the composition of the management and the beneficial owner.

2. Requirements for digital assets.

2.1 The form of digital assets must comply with the law that applies to both the products and the issuer. Products cannot qualify as financial instruments as defined in European directive 2014/65 / EU or as instruments otherwise regulated. BIT TEAM may request a legal opinion that the products have been released in accordance with the law to which the issuer is subject and that they comply with the provisions applicable to them, or other legal opinions.

2.2 Digital assets must have sufficient free circulation at the time of listing.

2.3 Adequate liquidity of digital assets must be ensured.

3. Permanent listing requirements

1. Continued Listing Requirements

The listing requirements set out in these rules, as well as on the site, must continue to be met for the duration of the listing. The key characteristics and qualities of products cannot be changed after listing, unless authorized by BIT TEAM. The results of the internal audit must be submitted to BIT TEAM every 3 months.

2. Obligation to disclose potential risks of digital asset turnover.

2.1 The Issuer is obliged to inform the market about significant price facts that have arisen in its field of activity, unless it undertakes to keep such information confidential. Substantially price sensitive facts are facts that can influence the average market participant in his investment decision and if it can be expected to cause a price change that is significantly greater than normal price fluctuations. The question of whether this or that fact can cause a significant change in price must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

2.2 The Issuer is obliged to provide notification as soon as it becomes aware of the main risks associated with the circulation of its digital assets, including technical risks.

2.4 The Issuer is obliged to prevent any behavior that gives or may give false or misleading signals regarding the supply, demand or price of a digital asset.